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Elevator Speech Gen 105 Just the other day I was talking to my sister in law Felicia over the telephone. We were talking about what classes she is taking right now to become a Registered Nurse in California. She started to ask me when was I going back to school. because I haven't told her that I had already started. I let her know that I was going to Axia college/University Of Phoenix. She wondered how did I have time to do that when I have a baby to take care of. I explained to her that all of my classes that I was taking they were all online and that I could do my work on my own time. As long as I turned my assignments in on time. She asked how does your classes work online? I said distance learning is fairly easy. You have four different forums that you use. Their is the main forum, chat room, course materials, and individual forum that you will use through out the nine week period. She asked what is the individual forum and the chat room forum. I explained to her that the individual forum is to post any private conversation or class assignments that are to be posted in that forum. And the chat room forum was for the students to speak about non related school work. She also had asked how could I tell what the other students were discussing, I let her know that each forums are used as a threaded discussion format. I also explained to her that if I posted a discussion question in a forum that my classmates could give me feedback on what they think about what I said. She had asked is their a certain time that I had to be online? I told her no, that the classes I am taking were all based on asynchronous communication, and that I could read messages that my classmates wrote or I could post my work when ever I had time to do it. She thought online learning was very intrusting because you don't have to be in a class room for hours at a time and still learn the same

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