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Elements, Mixtures & CompoundsELEMENTS are the simplest substances in nature.All of the elements are shown in a table called the PERIODIC TABLE. In this table they are grouped so that elements which behave in similar ways are in the same group.Every element in the periodic table is given a SYMBOL (e.g. Fe is iron, Cu is copper, O is oxygen)The smallest part of an element is called an ATOMAn element contains only ONE TYPE of atom - e.g. the element coppper contains only copper atoms, the element oxygen conttains only oxygen atoms and so on.A COMPOUND contains two or more elements chemically bonded together.A MIXTURE contains different elements or compounds mixed together (not bonded together) | | This piece of apparatus is called a LIEBIG CONDENSER. It is used for DISTILLATION. Can you remember how it works? | | | | | Separating MixturesMIXTURES can be separated in different ways: 1. A mixture of two liquids can be separated by DISTILLATION2. A mixture of a liquid and an INSOLUBLE solid can be separated by FILTERING3. A solid can be separated from a solution by EVAPORATING off the liquid 4. A mixture of dyes can be separated using CHROMATOGRAPHY. The mixture is placed onto chromatography paper and water is used to separate the dyes. Metals and Non-MetalsMETALS usually have the following properties:They are HARD They are MALLEABLE (can be bent into shape) They CONDUCT HEAT and ELECTRICITY well They are sometimes MAGNETIC (iron, nickel, cobalt) They are SONOROUS when hit (ring like a bell)NON- METALS usually have the following properties:They are BRITTLE (break apart when struck or bent) They DO NOT CONDUCT HEAT and ELECTRICITY well They are NOT MAGNETIC POTASSIUM SODIUM CALCIUM MAGNESIUM ZINC IRON COPPER SILVER GOLD | | The reactivity series | | The Reactivity SeriesDifferent metals are more or less reactive than each

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