Elements Of The Ecosystem Essay

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Page 1 Elements contained in our Ecosystem are made up of different compounds. These elements are converted into other compounds and if energy is available motivate the reactions all over again and most likely repeating the process. These elements that are recycled in nature are re-used by living organisms. The rates of which these elements are recycled are critical due to these elements needing so much of them and are a limiting factor for their growth. Three of the key elements that are heavily affected by humans are carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen. They are circular and involve the biological, geological and chemical processes that are known as the biogeochemical cycles. Carbon in our environment is breathed in by plants in the form of CO2 to survive and then produce O2. Animals do just the opposite they breathe in O2 and then release CO2. When animals eat plants they are taking in the same carbon and therefore when these plants and animals die the carbon stays in the solid form and left in the ground. Fossil fuels are good examples of carbon-based solids left in the ground by living things that once lived billions of years ago. Humans burn these fossil fuels to release CO2 in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, humans are burning and releasing much CO2 at a faster rate that plants cannot keep up with absorbing it. Plants and trees are being taken down and burned to make more room to tend to more animals and therefore depleting our environments natural way of processing the CO2. The faster the accumulation of CO2 in our environment will cause somewhat of a greenhouse effect and trapping solar heat that increases our global temperature rapidly. Everything falls into a ripple effect because the more the CO2 in the environment the more it will affect the balance of the plants and algae that consume it. Page 2 Nitrogen is a major

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