Elements of Psychology Essay

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In the hope of explaining the basics of human behavior and all of the other relative elements that are entirely used to define its value, psychologists have discovered particular terms that determine the personal and attitudinal development among human individuals. One of which is that of cognitive dissonance. This term dictates on the manner of conflict that a person internally experiences. This occurs when a person might believe in something and yet wishes to do something else apart from it; in this case, the individual becomes torn between doing what he wants to doing what he knows is right. The term value of conformity on the other hand determines the way a person accepts to adjust on a specific matter, accepting it to be true and an action to be rather necessary even though his personal values are directly against it. For the sake of keeping things at pay or keeping peace with others, he conforms to the matter. On the other hand, the value of non conformity insists on the attitude of a person of not getting involved in anything he does not believe in no matter what the consequences of such avoidance may be in relation to how others see him as a person. Another element to take not of is the Observation of Central and Peripheral routes of Persuasion. This particular term in psychology identifies the capacity of a person to be persuaded on something they may not be fully believing before. The central route takes on the chance to identify how human individuals tend to become more accustomed to adjusting to something more directly relative to their being and their system of living. On the other hand, the peripheral route specifically takes on the distinct option of taking other ways to get the attention of a person and specifically turn his beliefs around making him able to accept those that might not fully acceptable in the

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