Elements of Losing Essay

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There is a phrase which Michael Jordan said and it holds plenty of meaning in today's society. He said "I am a success today because I've failed many times in the past. " To be on the winning side is fantastic. However, we must be practical that we can't always win. We all see losing as something negative, something that we pray should not be a part of our lives. I feel losing is as important , if not more, than acquiring. The effect losing has on someone is extremely important. For instance, if a basketball team never lost a game, they would probably start thinking they were better than everyone else. Even though they win every game, the team, most likely, would stop giving their 100% best. To be more clear, everyone should experience losing to feel what it's like. Nobody can win all the time. Lets be honest, winning is a pretty good feeling, but when it comes down to it, losing isn't so bad. As long as you had fun, winning or losing doesn't matter. You know today's kids are known as the "everyone gets a trophy" generation. While I was at our gym's meet the other day I was reminded of what a great opportunity for growth losing is. If a child suffers a disappointment, that makes it easier next time for them to accept when they strike out, miss a soccer kick, or they fail a test in school. Growth occurs when we are at the bottom. It's hard to grow when we're standing at the top. Why is losing a big aspect of sports? It builds character. After a long, hard game, the team wants to hear about how great they did, even if they lost. When a child is pressured really hard because they lost, they tend to think to think that it's not okay to lose. There is still room to try again and try harder after a loss. Some people may say that you're a loser, but truly everyone is a winner. Winning is great but losing is also important. Losing teaches you lessons that

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