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The Wonders of: | Alfred Nobel | Period 1 | Cora Johnson 2/26/2011 | Cora Johnson Mr. Bound Chemistry Honors 26 February 2011 Alfred Nobel Alfred Nobel, one of the greatest engineers and inventors was born in Stockholm on October 21, 1833. Alfred Nobel was born from parent, Andriette Ahlsell. Nobel came from a very successful and wealthy family. Alfred Nobel was the son of Immanuel Nobel who in the same year of his birth declared bankruptcy in which he left his family, and began to start a career in Finland and Russia. Because of the temporary bankruptcy Andriette became the primary provider for her family; she worked at market that was fairly successful. Once in Russia Immanuel was able to open a successful mechanical workshop in which he designed weapons for the Russian army. In 1837 Immanuel was able to return and once again provide for his family. Immanuel success enabled Alfred Nobel the best educations. Alfred Nobel became fluent in almost 7 languages. Alfred Nobel’s major interests were poetry, literature, chemistry, and physics. Nobel’s father disliked Nobel’s interest in poetry, and sent him to learn the ropes of chemical engineering. Alfred Nobel dedicated and committed his time and his efforts to the studying and research of explosives and their properties. Alfred Nobel found Paris to be his favorite place, were he worked for a famous chemist named Professor T. J Pelouze. Once there Nobel because great friends with Ascanio Sobrero who was the inventor of nitroglycerine, a “highly explosive liquid.” Nitroglycerine became of great interest to Alfred Nobel. Near this time Nobel was asked to come work alongside his father. Immanuel needed all the hope he could get; for he declared bankruptcy once again. Robert and Ludvig the sons of Immanuel help piece up the family, but providing an oil industry in southern Russia.

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