Elementary Vs High School

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Elementary Vs. High School Do you remember the “good ol’ days” when school was all fun and games? Remember how school was a walk through the park, but then work got harder and harder, than boom, your into high school and everything changes. Attitude changes, seriousness changes and everyone changes. Elementary school is obviously easier than high school, but it also depends on your attitude towards school, but there are many differences between grade levels. When we are little kids, we can’t really take anything seriously, we’re just really curious, and that helps us want to search for answers to all our questions. In elementary school, school is mostly play, and while there is little academic learning, there is mostly social learning. In elementary we have…show more content…
While many people change their ways of viewing life and their appearances, there are few people out there that remain the same. In academic similarities, while there are people who decide to not take school seriously, there are people who give it their all since elementary school and learn not to slack off. There are people who will help each other when needed and not ignore the needed help. There are people who follow their dreams all the way throughout elementary and high school, but even if they change their decisions of what they want to do, they still try hard and make their dreams come true. Some people do change their attitudes towards each other, but not everyone. There are people who keep respect in mind and do not discriminate anyone when it comes to social activities in everyday life. Even though high school and elementary school are totally different environments, they both have their good and bad sides. Elementary school is a fun place, and high school can be a fun place too if you look at the good aspects of it. The attitude doesn’t have to be necessarily different either. If
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