Elementary school Valedictorian Speech (most english, some french) Essay

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Good evening everyone. Bonsoir. Merci pour venir de célébrer ce grand événement. I see so many familiar faces that I see almost every day. My teachers, my principal, the caring parents and my fellow classmates. It makes me sad to know that next year, when I start my school year, everything will have changed. I won’t be seeing these people as often and I know that I will miss them. Luckily, this sad end at *name of school* will soon be followed by my new beginning at *name of high school*. I have to say that this has to have been the hardest writing assignment I’ve had all year. Thinking about what has happened during these past years brought back many forgotten memories. One that stuck out was my very first day at *name of school*. I was so nervous. I was nervous about my new classes. I was nervous about all the new faces surrounding me. I was nervous about not having friends. As if they were an answer to my prayers, two girls came up to me, introduced themselves and warmly welcomed me. This calmed me immensely and I knew that I was lucky to be in a school whose students were so amiable. This is just the first of many recollections. I realize that my classmates and I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the dedicated work of our patient teachers. I was amazed when I calculated that these caring people spend about 35 hours a week teaching us. Us, who are so stubborn and inattentive. We cannot pay our debt to them but we can acknowledge it. An inspiring line that I will never forget was said by a woman named Les Brown. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” I think that this is what the teachers imply with every lesson they teach. We are grateful to you for giving us the information and wisdom to carry out our goals and show our talents to the world. We can try to compensate your work by remembering your teachings and never

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