Elementary Education Essay

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Elementary Education and Hands on Learning My major at Brigham Young University Idaho is Elementary Education. Education is the primary role in the success of many lives. It is the starting point that molds the minds of today’s youth into the brilliant minds of tomorrow. It helps in the making of decisions in everyday life. Elementary Education is the ability to teach the children the things they will need to further their futures. On dictionary.com education is defined as “the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life”(dictionary) . The best time to start that influence is in the beginning of life when the mind is not weighed down by the ideas of today. I want to be an elementary teacher because it is rewarding. The young students are willing to learn new concepts and further more they are excited about it. Their imagination and creativity are still at the forefront of there thinking instead of just what society tells them to think. The elementary schools are full of children that do not have to think about how they appear to others, they also do not fear a foreign concept. There are many things to consider with one’s future. The situation for me to choose a major was no different. A lot of thinking, planning, peroration and drive, is all a part of succeeding. There is an internal drive that is a desire to achieve the goals of one’s future. Again, this trait is not uniquely found in a single individual. Just as career plans start with one being learning what to do and what not to, it is the same with education. Usually when you hear of someone wanting to become a teacher it is because they connected with the way one particular teacher taught. In some cases it is because of the disappointment in how a particular teacher
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