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Elementary Education Essay

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  • on September 30, 2012
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Elementary Education
What does Elementary Education mean? Elementary Education means in a point of view, which is a great career for me to choices from. For instance, kindergarten teachers have many of the same goals as Elementary Education has. Elementary School teachers help five-years-olds learn to play and communicate with other students and introduce them to subjects they will purse in later grades. For all the careers, Elementary Education is a career, which has definition/nature of work, education and training requirements, and working conditions.
Elementary teachers, teach the same way as preschool and kindergarten teachers, which can teach any grade level. “Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary teachers instruct children from the nursery-school level through the sixth grade” (Kepos 132). An elementary school teacher, preschool, kindergarten teacher among their teaching must teach any grade level. Not only can they teach any grade level, they also must concentrate on some of the basic skills. All elementary school students need to concentrate on their basic skills. “Elementary school teachers concentrate on the basic skills, their pupils will need throughout their school years reading, writing, arithmetic, and simple concepts in science” (Kepos 132). For example, each elementary school teacher may teach the concepts of numbers or of addition and subtraction by playing board games. Throughout the process, teachers concentrate or things they need to according to their basic skills. When elementary teachers concentrate on school, they also must go to an on-job-training.
When you become an elementary school teacher, you have to go through an on-job-training. “Teachers who work in public schools must be licensed or certified in the state in which they reach.” (Kepos 132). An elementary school teacher must be trained to the students at a public school. Elementary teachers have to train at a public school, but also have a large group of students at high...

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