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Electronics In School Essay

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Should Electronic Devices be allowed in school?

I think that electronic devices should be allowed in school because there could be an emergency

Some thing could happen while you’re in school and it could be the only way you have to contact your parents

Help you remember things by setting reminders

Help save trees

Improve student grades and help them stay focused


Rough Draft

    Have you ever wanted to know what time it is or maybe what your homework was last night? Ever been in the middle of testing without a calculator? How much time would be saved in case of an emergency? Have you thought about the environment and how many trees would be saved?   These are a few ways electronic device could help students in the classroom.
    Not remembering your home work assignment is not a good feeling.   Most of the time when you call some of your classmates they do not know the assignment either.   Your were going to write it down but bell rings and you don’t want to be late for your next class so you leave.   If you could use your cell phone you could set templates for each class and just put in the page number and questions quickly in your phone.
    Usually the classroom clocks are wrong.   This is very annoying to me especially if I am working on an assignment that has to be completed before the end of class.   I find myself wasting more time wandering what time it is and how much time I have left.   Which districts me from focusing on my assignment, if I could use my cell phone I would set the alarm 30 minutes before class ends reminding me of how much time I have reaming.   When the alarm goes off you will know to work faster to complete your class work.
    There is nothing worst them being in math class without your calculator. Test is already stressful and once I get to class and do not have my calculator I am even more stressed.   Now I am worried about coming across a problem that will...

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