Electronics Hurting Society

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Taijay Campbell ElECTRONIC DEVICES There are many ways in which electronic devices affect the lives of the people living in a society. The presence of electronic devices affects a society both a negative way and a positive way. Some of the ways in which electronic devices are hurting society is by posing as distractions to citizens, causing a loss of productivity and creating problems where there otherwise was none before. First, electronic devices are posing as distractions to citizens in a particular society. For example, it distracts a person while driving a car on a busy road, instead of focusing their attention to what is happening on the road, this person is busy texting, and this person causes a huge accident which ends up in the death of the three people just because he was using his cellphone while driving, in addition when people are on their cellphones while crossing the street and the light turns green on the side adjacent to the side of the street that they are crossing, because that person is so distracted by their electronic device they do not even notice that the light has changed, and they may end up getting hit and killed by a speeding car turning from that adjacent lane. Most importantly, it distracts the people from the reality of the world that they are living in today, in some cases I think it either clouds their mind or disillusions their thought process and/or the way they perceive society and that everything that they see in today’s world are as they seem. The second reason as to how electronic devices are harming society is by creating a problem where there otherwise was none before. One good example of this is by people using there electronic devices to go on Facebook and other social network sites and putting up illegal pictures of money that that particular person just robbed from a local bank. Which lead the
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