Electronics And Communication Objective Essay

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GE 0106-Basic Engineering-II The objective of this subject will help us to know the basic knowledge of Electronics. The concept of semiconductors, transistors, diodes, FET, MOSFET their working principles, construction and working model. To know about the a.c to dc converting circuits like half wave, full wave rectifiers circuits. Also the filter operation of ripples using various types of filter circuits. The various types of transducer working, construction and uses will be discussed briefly and moving coil and moving iron instruments, thermistors, thermocouple, LVDT their construction and working principles are discussed. The basic building of digital gates like AND, NAND, OR, NOR are studied. Also the conversion types of various number systems like hexa, decimal, octal, binary will be studied. GE0106 Basic Engineering-II 1. The current amplification factor of a common base configuration is the ratio of a)Ic/Ie b)Ib/Ic c)Ie/Ib d)Ie/Ic 2. A charge of 200mv in base emitter voltage causes a change of 100 micro amp in the base current. Find the input resistance of the transistor. a)3kohm b)4kohm c)2kohm d)5kohm 3. The phase difference of ______________ between the signal voltage and output voltage in a common emitter amplifier is known as phase reversal. a) 180 b) 90 c) 0 d) 360 4. A FET is a three terminal semiconductor device in which current conduction is by one type of carrier i.e_______________ a)electrons b)holes c)electrons or holes d)none 5. Substrate in n-channel MOSFET is only a single_________________ a)p region b)n region c) pn region d) np region 6. ____________ is the maximum anode current, gate being open, at which SCR is turned off from ON condition a) Forward current b) holding current c) breakdown current d) none 7. The applied input a.c. power to a half
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