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Electronics is knowledge intensive industry which is also a dynamic industry with global character. Electronics has an all important role in a country's development process today and it can be called a fundamental component in modern technology, so much so that, a country's technological progress is assessed on the basis of its capabilities in this area. A strong and competitive electronics industry also characterizes fast growing economies. Electronics plays a catalytic role in enhancing production and productivity in key sectors of the economy, whether it relates to infrastructure, process industries, communication or even manpower training. High tech areas today heavily dependent on electronics. The field of electronics is conventionally classified into consumer, industrial, defense, communications and information processing sectors. In recent times medical, electronics and systems for transportation and power utilities have become important segments on their own. In advanced countries, the electronic sector is contributing nearly seven percent of the GDP. But among all parts of electronics, consumer electronics is the oldest sector which began with the development of radio receivers after the invention of the triode. This field has expanded remarkably in the last few years with the development of items like compact disc players, digital audio tape, and microwave oven and satellite television reception systems. Whereas Industry electronics is oriented towards manufacturing products required by modern industry- process control equipment, numerically controlled machinery and robots equipment for testing and measurement. Advanced infrastructure in material science and sophisticated electronic are both relevant for defence field. Defence electronics is strategic, of course and it also has valuable spin-offs to offer industry. Bharat Electronics Limited,

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