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Management Communication Spring 2011 Large-group sessions Prof. Mary Munter Tuck 312, 646-2290 Small-group sessions Prof. Kara Blackburn kfb@mit.edu Prof. Julie Lang Buchanan 109, julieblang@gmail.com Academic Coordinators Doreen Aher (Munter) Chase 308, 646-0165, Doreen.Aher@Dartmouth.edu Brenda Gray (Blackburn & Lang) Buchanan 9, 646-3579, Brenda.Gray@Dartmouth.edu COURSE GOALS Management, by definition, is achieving results with and through other people. Therefore, all of your technical and analytical skills will be useless unless you can communicate—that is, explain, persuade, and collaborate with others either by writing, interacting one-on-one, or presenting to a group. In this course, we are targeting a key aspect of managerial communication: persuasive presentation skills. By the end of this course, you will improve your ability to: • "Sell" yourself and your ideas to others. • Develop a more effective and adaptable communication strategy, such as enhancing your credibility and aligning your objectives with those of your audience. • Perfect your ability to grab and retain audience interest and understanding through how you structure what you say. • Enhance your PowerPoint skills so your slides will be understood and will lead to your desired outcome. • Improve your nonverbal delivery skills, so that both your body language and vocal traits align with the image you seek to project. 1 COURSE PEDAGOGY The teaching and learning method used in this course is significantly different from that of your other core courses. There will be no lectures, no problem sets, and no one right answer. Course content: book, not lecture. In a way, you could say that the two textbooks (Guide to Managerial Communication, 9th edition and Guide to PowerPoint for Version 2007) represent the sum-total of our knowledge, based on our collective sixty years in both the business

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