Electronic Waste Essay

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Electronic Waste John Misuraca Crisis in Environmental Health. December 12th, 2011 Lenore Killam Electronic Waste Electronic waste is one critical environmental health issue emerging globally because of the following: massive production volume, and insufficient management policy in numerous countries. According to Chen, Dietrich, Xia, and Shuk-mei (2011), electronic waste “current management practice may result in unintended developmental neurotoxicity in vulnerable populations” (Chen, Dietrich, Xia, & Shuk-mei, 2011, p. 1). Electronic waste includes cell phones, desktops, printers, laptops, copiers, and many other objects. E-waste is becoming a concern mostly because of inappropriate recycling in numerous countries. The danger is e-waste contains persistent organic pollutants in which release when people fail to recycle properly; accordingly, causing harm to individuals health. To emphasize, fetus, and young children are most vulnerable to neurotoxicants in which some are known and unknown. Consequently, research concerning e-waste is slim to none; therefore, the addressing of e-waste is becoming a must with the advancements in technology today. The subject to discuss is environmental impacts of the electronic waste globally. Needs Evaluation Today’s society works differently because of the dramatic growth in new technology innovations; for example in the way individuals communicate, interact, and live. Much of this change focus is design, production, and use of electronic and electrical equipment (EEE). EEE includes computers to cell phones, and cameras to smart appliances. EEE are becoming out-of-date just a few years or months after use because of technologies rapid developments. Management of disposal is a growing problem creating logistical, environmental, and societal challenges. Electronic waste; for instance, video games, appliances, and

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