Electronic Surveillance and Employees Essay

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| Electronic Surveillance of Employees | | | [Type the author name] | LEG 500 | | 1. Explain where an employee can reasonably expect to have privacy in the workplace. Just like most spaces used by people, a workplace is divided into two sides, a private one and a public one. The workplaces are also different from one another depending on the industry they specialized in. Some are more customer service oriented where employees deal directly with customers that are present most of the time. Other type of industries are totally the opposite, their workplaces are basically a space full of employees and maybe some visitors than show up occasionally. Employees of the first type are supposed to act and feel that they are monitored because they are surrounded by people who would pay attention to anything you do or say that might be unethical, unprofessional, and unacceptable in the environment where it was done. Especially if the workplace has a stock area, that is definitely a place where everything will be monitored and the level of privacy is zero, for good’s security reasons. In other industries where employees have desks or offices they tend to expect more privacy in that space given the fact that they do their work on their own little private space/area and nobody is out there to oversee that other than the coworkers. The only thing that an employee should worry about is the actions and words that are not welcome by the workplace policies. 2. In the office workplace there are typically two types of workspaces, an open area, in which there are several desks and where conversations can be overhead, or an enclosed office, in which—when the door is closed—conversations cannot be heard and where one would expect virtually total privacy. Explain whether it makes a difference if an employee is in an open area or in an enclosed
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