Electronic Surveillance Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Assignment 1: Electronic Surveillance Assignment 1: Electronic Surveillance of Employees Claudio Cordon Strayer University 1/29/11 1. Explain where an employee can reasonably expect to have privacy in the workplace. I believe that employees need to have privacy at some extend in the work place in areas where business is not conducted. Break rooms, bathrooms, quiet rooms and maternity rooms are some of the examples where the employees need to have some privacy. Any other area where the employees do business can be subject to surveillance especially where the employees interact with internal/external customers. In the video, the sales representative was giving the customer wrong information. The employer was monitoring the sales person to ensure integrity in the sale force. He wanted to be known as best in business by being a customer’s advocate. He wanted the sales person to give the customer a full disclosure and specs for the car the customer were buying. Now, there are ways to do surveillance in the work place. Employees can be warned about cameras or microphones in the sales area. The employer can tell the sale force that each sale will be monitored closely to ensure the best sell in the car business industry. The employer can have cameras or microphones in the work place to monitor its employees on how they conduct business with the exception of bathrooms, break rooms, quiet rooms or maternity room. Those areas are the places where the employees are taking a break from their duties. 2. In the office workplace there are typically two types of workspaces; an open area, in which there are several desks and where conversations can be overhead, or an enclosed office, in which- when the door is closed- conversations cannot be heard and where one would expect virtually total privacy. Explain whether it makes a difference if an
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