Electronic Health Records Essay

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When thinking about the Electronic Health Records (EHR), I can’t help but noticing how awesome this system would be versus its drawbacks. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the medical information system of New Orleans. In the same manner, if there is a bioterrorists’ attack or an epidemic disease, we’ll need a healthcare information system that will enable us to defend ourselves and confront the attackers. Health record systems are more than just static records; they contain data, knowledge, and software tools, which help patients become informed and active participants in their own care. When the personal health record systems are working in sync with the EHR systems, they offer greater benefits to patients than ever before. The above interaction between the health care provider and the patient through EHR is one of the greatest accomplishments of the health care services. Back to the effect of Hurricane Katrina, we need a medical information system that will be not be easily destroyed by fire, flood, or the wear-and-tear of time. EHR is the answer to the questions. In addition, EHR is easily accessed to computer users within the same medical network or networks’ interface. On the other hand, in sizable hospitals and medical facilities, EHR introduces a significant increase in medical staff's work efficiency and time management compared with paper health records (PHR). Even though the main barrier to EHR is the fund to obtain it and for staff training, it has been obvious that the PHR is incapable to provide caregivers with all the patient information they need for better services. This problem has become more a daily burden for health care providers who have not been able to take advantage of EHR. Within the dimension of PHR, a physician may spend an average of three hours a week just dealing with health insurance bureaucracy. But will the

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