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AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY EVALUATION OF ELECTRONIC FORMS OF ORGANISATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS Introduction The topic of the annotated bibliography focuses on the whole range of electronic forms of communications within the organizations. It chose to discuss several most popular modes mainly used by the employees in the organizations, e-mail, instant messaging and blogs. E-mail has played a dominant role in organizational communications in recent years. It protects employees’ privacy better than instant messaging and blogs. Writing can express people’s ideas in a more appropriate way than speaking and thus can help people to maintain good relationship both within and outside an organization. One article (Neufeld, Dyck and Brotheridge, 2001) of this topic illustrates how the e-mail acts as a strong communication medium compared to other communication forms such as written files. It also tries to find the balance between the benefits and drawbacks of the e-mail and concludes that the benefits overwhelmed the negative aspects. Instant messaging grows fast in the globalization processing. People can communicate with remote co-workers more instantly and conveniently than ever before. Instant messaging requires little cost and time compared with other communication forms. There are some case studies (Desai and Graves, 2006a and 2006b) carried out in the university libraries, where the instant messaging helped the student with the reference service and their learning. In some article (Grey, 2006), the author can also find some solutions on how to mitigate the risks of instant messaging. Blogs are relatively new compared to other electronic forms of communications. One article (McAfee, 2006) of this topic introduces a new technology for the organizational communication system, Enterprise 2.0. From the comparison made between the wikis and the blogs by the

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