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1 Q) Why was it necessary for Pierre Lang to look at fundamental changes in its business model and information systems? Answer: It is necessary for Pierre Lang to look at the fundamental changes in its business because Pierre Lang decided to expand its business into Eastern Europe, and therefore it decided to change its business model and the underlying information systems and business processes from traditional to computerization. The company also knew that it is losing business because it was unable to keep track of customers and it doesn’t have direct contact with them. So, the company is thinking to change its business model process to be structured properly, so that minimizes the errors that occur in business processes. And also thinking to develop better information systems than ever before by working with Fortinet.com. So that it can be easily controlled. 2 Q) Relate the facts of this case to the CAGE framework discussed in section 14.8? Answer: Globally, many companies do anticipate that the expansion could double the company's order volume and revenue. Since many companies require better information on financial supervision to improve business processes, and requires a system that can handle multiple languages and legal requirements in doing Business in various countries. 3 Q) what have been the results of implementing mySAP at Pierre Lang? Answer: Pierre Lang selected mySAP after evaluating several competing solutions. Today, Pierre Lang uses the country specific versions of mySAP to handle invoicing, tax, language, and fiscal issues. Therefore by implementing the mySAP in Pierre Lang improved the accuracy of information and eliminates the need for manual data transfer tax to develop the report. 4 Q) why is security so important to the company and how it is protected? Answer: The security is most important for any company because the companies need

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