Electronic Application Essay

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Case study: Career Development at Electronic Applications Electronic Applications, a major producer of silicon chips for the computer industry, was founded in 1972. EA’s headquarter is located southeast of San Francisco. The company has grown rapidly in terms of sales and profits through the years and its focus has been on reactive policies to meet the regulatory requirements of external stakeholders while the human resources policies have remained unchanged. Recently, the company has hired Harold Sweeney as director of human resources of the company with the challenge of making Electronic Applications Corporation 1970’s human resources mentality to be more compatible with the year 2000’s. After four months, Sweeney found out that the high turnover ratio among engineers was closed to an average of 30 percent on the past three years. He has been assessing the situation to solve the problem. He found out that unemployment in Silicon Valley where EA is based has increased to 9.7 percent and employee recruitment is low among technological companies. Sweeney looked to the compensations, incentives and benefits programs of the company and was caught off guard because of the result of wage survey that has revealed that the company pays 5 to 8 percent above the market. Upon conducting informal conversations with some of his employees, he learned that most of them felt “dead ended” in the technical aspects of engineering. Therefore, on the short run, the real problem lies on the poor career management of the company. He should need to tackle the high rate of turnover, specially taking into account that one of the company’s section chiefs, Helen Morgan is reviewing the possibility of moving to another company. Having no career development programs is the main reason for employees to leave the company. Moreover, detail issues were identified. In the performance appraisal
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