Electromagnetism Lab Essay

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Question: What effect does the length of the coiled wire have on the magnetic field strength of an electromagnet? Background Information: From wireless modems, to computer chargers, and from toaster ovens to train tracks, electrical and magnetic appliances are what make up our everyday lives. However, did you ever know that these two important factors in life are closely related? The movements of electrons (negatively charged particles) are what causes both electricity and magnetism to relate. Furthermore, magnets, like the one you make that can be turned on and off, are called electromagnets. These magnets run on electric currents and are only magnetic when electricity is flowing through. The electricity flowing through the wire arranges molecules in the nail so that they are attracted to certain metals and that there domain all align up in the same direction. In addition, these electric currents also create a magnetic field. A magnetic field is a region around a magnetized material in which the force of magnetism acts. This magnetic field generates a force that acts like a magnet. All around the wires, magnetic fields are formed as electric currents move through the wire. By wrapping the nail in a coil, the magnetic field concentrates and increases because of the additive effect of each turn of the wire. Wrapping the wire around an iron core greatly increases the magnetic field and therefore creates a magnetized object, also known as an electromagnet. Hypothesis: ‘If the electromagnet has more coils, then it will have a stronger magnetic field’ This hypothesis was chosen, as our aim for this lab was to observe and identify whether or not the length of the coiled wire had an effect towards the magnetic field strength of an electromagnet. Based on this purpose, we changed the length of the metal coiling to 1 meter, 3 meters, 5 meters, 7 meters, and 10

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