Electromagnetic Spectrum Essay

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THE ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM What are waves? Have you ever ridden a wave in the ocean? Ocean waves travel on the surface of the water. You can see them and you can feel them. As you swim through the water, you can even make your own waves. How about a flag on a windy day? The wind creates waves in the flag. Both the waves in the flag and the ocean waves are waves that you can see. Although there are other kinds of waves. We cannot see these waves, but we experience them every day. These waves are called electromagnetic waves. Sound is also a type of wave that we cannot see. Like ocean waves, sound waves need a medium to travel through. Sound can travel through air because air is made of molecules. These molecules carry the sound waves by bumping into each other, like Dominoes knocking each other over. Sound can travel through anything made of molecules - even water! There is no sound in space because there are no molecules there to transmit the sound waves. Electromagnetic waves are unlike sound waves because they do not need molecules to travel. This means that electromagnetic waves can travel through air and solid materials - but they can also travel through empty space. This is why astronauts on spacewalks use radios to communicate. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic wave. What are electromagnetic waves? Electricity can be static, like what holds a balloon to the wall or makes your hair stand on end. Magnetism can also be static like a refrigerator magnet. But when they change or move together, they make waves - electromagnetic waves. Electric fields and magnetic fields create an electromagnetic wave Electromagnetic waves are formed when an electric field (which is shown in blue arrows) couples with a magnetic field (which is shown in red arrows). Magnetic and electric fields of an electromagnetic wave are perpendicular to each other and to

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