Electromagnetic Radiation Essay

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The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation Energy on the Human Body This article written by Sue Kovach titled The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation explains to us how the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) can harm our bodies. The article was published by Life Extension Magazine in August 2007. It talks about how we are surrounded with EMR products, but also how cell phones can contribute to the numerous amounts of different hazardous situations such as: the link between cell phone towers and causation of brain tumors, other types of genetic dysfunctions, and just damage to the human body in general. This article also discusses the brush under the rug on the government’s behalf when it comes to the many different hidden dangers of cell phone use in general. Kovach uses many sources in her article such as George Carlo a PhD and JD as an epidemiologist. Carlo also a medical scientist studied the dangers from 1993-1999 has the largest program in the telecommunications industry that provides studies into the dangers of cell phone use. Kovach then goes on to tell us how cell phones reach the market without being tested for safety first, how to be safe, the lawsuit aspect, the research, the guidelines/criteria that was followed, and their evidence to their many proposed notions. I found this article to be very interesting only because, I had no idea just how severe the dangers of cell phone use really were. This article was written in 2007 since then we have created many newer/more efficient phones, which only leads me to question whether those are even more harmful. Dr. Carlo found that cellular energy is used for protection rather than metabolism and that causes the cell membrane to harden which keeps nutrients out and waste in (Kovach), to me, that was quite disturbing to know just how much our cell membranes are being harmed, because of an everyday product that

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