Electromagnetic Fields Mapping Essay

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Electromagnetic fields mapping Lab1 Aims; * Objective 1 was to simulate electrical fields using Ansoft SV in order to solve two dimentional DC construction problems * Objective 2 was to measure and plot the varying voltages caused by the electromagnetic fields around two parallel plates of both parallel and perpendicular lines * Objective three was to measure and plot the varying voltages around and within a Coaxial cable of both a radial and co-axial lines. Supporting theory When a voltage exists across any medium an electric field is present. In essence the potential difference tells you the change in potential energy of a charge at one potential and the other; the electric field tells you the force on the charge at any position If the potential difference at any position V, the electic field strength is given by: The relationship between V and r of the concentric circles is defined by Poisons’s equation; V= p/ε And Gauss’s Law Equipotentials are parallel to the electrode at the surface because Equipotentials simply connect all the points that have the same potential energy and so you can move along them and do no work and so have no assosiated direction, and so they are always parallel to the electrode because any one line must always be the same distance from the electrode wherever it may be in space around it. Equipotentials always cross insulating boundries at 90deg because at an insulating boundary they will always follow the current lines which are constantly 90deg from the voltage line in an electromagnetic field. A 2D approximation is good for simulating this particular application because it is a uniform object and so the electric field surrounding it will be uniform in all directions with the same impedance and so we are basically looking at a cross section of the objects electromagnetic field which in this case is
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