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Name: Name: 1.5 A Study of an Ecosystem | Objectives | 1.5.1 Broad Overview of a Selected Ecosystem | 1. Present an overview of diversity of life forms in an ecosystem. | 1.5.2 Observation and Scientific Study of a Selected Ecosystem | 2. Identify a number of habitats from the selected ecosystem. 3. Identify five plants and animals using simple keys. 4. Identify and use various apparatus required for collection methods | 1.5.3 Organism Distribution | 5. Explain the difference between a Qualitative & Quantitative study for plants and animals. 6. Complete Frequency and Percentage Cover techniques. | 1.5.4 Choice of Habitat | 7. Correlate choice of habitat for organisms to Abiotic Factors. 8. Investigate and report on any 3 Abiotic Factors. | 1.5.5 Organism Adaptations | 9. Explain the necessity for and give examples of Structural / Competitive / Behavioural adaptations 10. State one adaptation by one organism in the selected ecosystem. | 1.5.6 Organism Role in Energy Transfer | 11. Explain and identify the role of the organism in energy transfers. 12. Draw a food chain of the study area. 13. Draw a food web of the study area. 14. Draw a food pyramid of the study area. | 1.5.7 Analysis | 15. Discuss the necessity for analysis and assessments of results obtained. 16. Identify local ecological issues related to selected organisms | Study of an ecosystem Within the class each group studies a different habitat (approx. 15m2) within the ecosystem and pools results. NB = fieldwork techniques, recording and analysing data. 1. Map 2. Identify plants and animals 3. Estimate numbers of plants and animals 4. Measure the environmental (abiotic) factors 5. Present the information. Overview of selected ecosystem – include diversity of organisms 1. Map of habitat- Simple Map/Profile Map * Simple – plan view,

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