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THE MODERN DAY ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS Water heating is the process of raising the temperature of cold water through a thermodynamic process by use of a hot source of energy like hot charcoal, stove, gas cookers or in this case electricity. Hot water can be used for both domestic and industrial uses. Normally, hot water is used for cooking, cleaning dishes, laundry, bathing, drinking and so on. The amount of heat water is subjected to, depends on different uses. Water subjected to heat can be classified into: hot, warm or lukewarm. Hot water is that which has been subjected to maximum heat exceeding 350oF (177oC), warm 350oF (177oC) or less and lukewarm 250oF (121oC). Electric Water heaters are appliances that are designed in a way that they are powered by electricity to heat water. In the world of today, electric water heaters come in different sizes and are designed for different uses. They are: electric kettles or jugs, storage tank and tankless water heaters. The electric jugs or kettles have a coil made of heat conducting metal fitted on the inside, a male plug and a detachable female port that is connected to a power cable. The jugs or kettles come into different sizes of one, one and half and two litres. When the electric kettle or jug lid is tightly fitted, it takes approximately five minutes to boil water after which the kettle…show more content…
It ensures that hot water is available to homes at all times whenever needed. Mostly you will find storage tanks placed at the roofs of houses. The electric storage tank is also fitted with a metal conductor on the inside. As hot water is lighter than cold water, when, water is heated in the storage tank, it rises above and ready for use. Therefore when a tap is open hot water flows out and then cold water flows in at the bottom to fill the space left and gets heated and the process goes on like that to maintain a constant flow of heated water to the

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