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In my opinion, electric bicycle contributes an innovative mode of transport and effectively solves many problems that people concern about their transportation. Electric bike or e-bike is the combination of motorbikes and bicycles, and consequently it combines their advantages and reduces their disadvantages. Electric bike was invented in 1897 as a bicycle that was supported by a double electric motor. From that time, engineers have improved its functions and designs to increase the speed, lengthen battery life and polish its appearance by hiding the big motor as much as they can. The modern e-bike has normal pedals with attached motor and some types with hand accelerator. E-bikes has popularized all over the world since it was first limited offered to the market in 1992. In Asia and Europe, due to its advantages and its impact on the environment, e-bike quickly expands its market and seems to become the perfect mean of transportation in the future. First advantage of e-bike comes from its speed. Compared to regular bicycle, it is only about the same size, but it goes much faster and can reach as fast as 30 miles per hour. Even though it can be competed to motorcycle or car’s speed, it helps riders avoid traffic jams in cities and get them to school or to work on time without sweating. Researchers also show that people often use their cars just to go within ten miles radius, so it is more reasonable for people to save gas and parking fee by riding an e-bike. Environmental friendly contributes the second benefit of e-bike. Gas emission from transportation is greatly responsible for the global warming issue, and it needs the contribution from everyone around the world to solve it. Unlike cars and motorbikes, e-bikes are considered a clean, green, no-gasoline mean of transportation. Commuters who ride their e-bikes not only have their own benefits but also

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