Electoral College VS. Direct Election

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No More Need for the Electoral College It makes a person wonder why the United States has kept the Electoral College when there appears to obviously be more negatives to it, rather than positives. Personally I find it to be a lot more fair and logical to all together rid of the Electoral College and replace it with a much simpler alternative. I feel this alternative would be easier on the people and the candidates. It would especially mean a lot more to the winning candidate. This system is known as Direct Election and includes instant runoff voting. Instant runoff voting is a voting system in which voters rank the candidates in order of preference using one ballot. If no candidate has the majority of votes they then eliminate the candidates with the lowest number of votes until they are down to the last candidate with the most number of votes. This process saves the government a lot of time and money. This would cause the candidates to feel it necessary to campaign in every state. Campaigning in each state have a greater influence on the people and it would lead to a much larger voter turn out. . Instant runoff voting has the potential to fix many of the current issues introduced by the Electoral College as well as the problems introduced by some of the other alternatives. It would also eliminate any chances for third parties and other independent candidates to consistently provide a majority, national winner. Obviously this system would not be favored by those who are for the Third parties. This also means that voters get to select their favorite candidate without ensuring a vote for their least favorite. Instant runoffs can be adopted by smaller states without a Constitutional amendment. Proportional share between the delegates could be unfair if only used in some states, but instant runoff voting wouldn’t have any negative consequences

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