Electoral College v Direct Voting

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Our Founding Fathers’ legacies have laid a path for America to follow, sidestepping injustice and promoting American ideals. Our Founding Fathers’ creation of the Electoral College was the guiding hand of America’s government and since 1787, electoral voting had always been used in presidential elections. It had been used for more than two hundred years and since then, no major problems have arisen. This month’s resolution is resolved: Direct popular vote should replace electoral vote in presidential elections. My partner and I strongly urge you to negate the resolution due to the following contentions: Contention #1: The Electoral College can enhance the ideologies of the Democratic and Republican parties. The Electoral College’s two party system encourages political stability. Because third party presidential candidates cannot easily win the election, the Democratic and Republican parties will assimilate and embrace the views of the third party. Due to this compromise of ideologies, the national population’s support will increase, providing more accuracy and political stability in the selection of presidents. According to the Missouri Election Board in Jackson County, “..We end up with two large, pragmatic political parties which tend to the center of public opinion rather than dozens of smaller political parties catering to divergent and sometimes extremist views.” In the direct popular vote, many presidents representing minor, regional parties will run, causing problems such as the disruption from an electoral majority. They will represent regional, localized ideas and have small, decentralized platforms. Under the direct popular vote, it allows presidential candidates with localized ideas take office and neglect the need for national appeal. Anybody with a large base of support would be able to win. The overwhelming majority could be from the presidential
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