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Animated Learning Module 4: The Electoral College In this module, it discusses the idea of the Electoral College. The Electoral College is the indirect format of electing the President of the United States. A candidate can win the popular vote, but still lose the election in the Electoral College. The number of electoral votes allowed by each state is determined by the number of congressional representatives that state has in the U.S Senate and House or Representative. The Super Delegates are the Senators and Representatives and are allowed to vote for which ever candidate they desire. When the votes from the general election are held, the voters decide which candidate is going to not only receive the popular vote but also the electoral votes. Many states uses an approach called winner take all. This means that the winning popular candidate gets all the electoral votes from the state while the loser gets none. The Electoral College meets in December and each elector is allowed one vote. A candidate needs to receive 270 votes to win the election in the Electoral College. If there is a tie, the House of Representative will decide who win. If they can’t decide who win then the Senate decides by voting. If the Senate can’t then the Supreme Court has to decide. In my opinion this module was very interested but I personally think United States Electoral College is not a fair way to conduct the presidential election. I feel that the United States Electoral College isn't a fair way to conduct the presidential election because the Electoral College has more of an impact on the election than the popular vote. The popular vote represents the people and exercise a more fundamental aspect of democracy rather than the Electoral College which isn't based on the people's decision. . People should be able to decide the president and vice-president. The Electoral

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