Election Of 2008 Essay

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Election 2008 The United States of America, a country where freedom is our reality, our founding fathers provide great history, and the future and present possibilities of creating landmark changes are in constant reach. All of this is provided by living in a democracy. Democracy is a platform for opportunity and equality unlike any other political system. On Tuesday, November 4, 2008; United States citizens will be given the possibility to vote in the most historic election our country has had to date. Absolutely no question that Election Day has also been, and will always be an historic day in the United States. The presidential election of 2008 will be unlike any other in our country’s history. First, Americans have the option of electing a Black American into office, as well as the chance for a female to gain office as vice president. Secondly, if John McCain…show more content…
Our vote should not be based on race, gender, or party affiliation, but should be casted for change regarding the global crisis on the Iraq war, our economic crisis, and the world’s global warming issues, and what each candidate can do to provide solutions. Real issues that require real change. An ending note: I am so overwhelmed by emotion and brought to tears on this Election Day. To see our country move forward with racial issues, and have the ability to look past this horrible historic issue, and vote and evaluate a Black American based on true ability and talent is something that has been in my heart and has been the way I’ve conducted myself for many years, it’s truly emotional/moving to see our country move past this issue. Personally, I have bi-racial step children, and knowing that this election opens the door to them having realistic dreams of becoming president of The United States when all grown up is a tremendous step forward for this country, made possible by the election of
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