Election in Egypt 2012 Essay

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Broad problem area "During the last referendum and after it a lot of talks and questions raised ""To what extent are people engaged and aware of the importance of the referendum on constitution?"" and whether these referendum really represent the will of the people. The most important points questioning people awareness are poverty and illiteracy, which are both used whether by bribery or brain washing to get people votes. According to a research by ""World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 3068 "" In 1999/2000, the poverty rate in Egypt stood at 16.7 percent, based on the lower poverty line. Approximately 10.7 million Egyptians were poor according to this estimates. The poverty gap index was 2.97 percent, implying a per capita poverty deficit of LE 248 and an average deficit of LE 1,482 for the poor. The poverty severity index of 0.8 was low by the standards of middle-income countries. Applying the upper poverty line, the poverty rate in Egypt rises to 42 percent, bringing the number of poor to almost 27 million." PROBLEM DEFINITION In Egypt the poverty rate is extremely high, we need to know if the poor people is really aware of the new constitution points they voted for? RESEARCH OBJECTIVE How the awarness of poor people to the new constitution points? THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK "The proposed model in this research are in alignment with the most common theoretical framework of Situation Awarness provided by Dr. Mica Endsley (1995). Endsley's model illustrates three stages or steps of Situation Awarness formation: perception, comprehension, and projection. Model variables: Dependent variable · Awareness of the New constitution Independent variables 1-Reading the new constitution document 2-Watching different debates/Talk Shows about new constitution 3-Watching Governmental/ Constitute Committee Announcements Moderating variables 1-Having

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