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While watching the debate, who got me off my feet and really motivated to vote for them? In all honesty I think both of them proved some points that makes me want to be on both sides. The 2012 Presidential Debate between Mr. Mitt Romney and Mr. Barack Obama was rather interesting, but both candidates had their highlights of the night, where they killed it, and both had their flaws of the night. While watching the Debate I came to the conclusion that candidate Romney seemed very confident in everything he said. He never really hesitated about what he said, he never second guessed, or rephrased what he said. I thought that both Obama and Romney both presented themselves very nice, the way it looked neither got nervous when it was their turn to speak. But all in all I think that Romney was more decisive and felt strongly about what he claimed that he will do for America. Personally I thought that Romney defended all of his thoughts and beliefs very well. For example when Jim Lehrer told Romney “ Romney, you both have spoken about a lot of different things, and were going to try to get through them as a specific way as we possibly can, but first Governor Romney do you have a question that you would like to ask the president directly about something he just said?” Then Romney says “ Romney, well sure I would like to clear up the record and go through it piece by piece” then he defends and deciphers everything clearly and understandable. He had what he was going to say ready for every topic Obama explained before. After all of the things that Obama had brought up the Central Economic Plan he claimed Romney had said he was going to create a five-trillion dollar tax cut, another trillion because of the Bush tax cut, plus another two-trillion for military spending, Obama said that he will find a way to pay that without dumping that on the middle class man and hurt

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