Eleanor Roosevelt Self Reliance Essay

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Self-Reliance and Eleanor Roosevelt “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, the famous transcendentalist author, states this in his essay ‘‘Self-Reliance’’, illustrating his philosophy of life. Emerson is saying that if people rely on others for everything, than they will never truly be happy. And, in order to live a fulfilling life people have to distinguish themselves through their own opinions and views. Self-reliance is being an individual and relying on one’s own judgment and abilities. When one is self-reliant they do not need anyone to tell them how to think or how to act. Self-reliance also means they do not bend under peer pressure. Eleanor Roosevelt epitomizes this philosophy of self-reliance.…show more content…
She became out-spoken. She expressed her views on many issues ranging from racism, education, women in the workforce, economic policy, and democracy. Eleanor did not care if the public disagreed with her ideas. This is because she relied only on her own thoughts. For example, in the online article “Eleanor Roosevelt and Civil Rights” it notes that back in the 1930’s racism was a controversial issue. Many were still felt that blacks and white should be separated. Eleanor became a key advocate for assimilation of races. Though, she wasn’t against segregation until she came to the White House. After Eleanor became aware of the inequities for African Americans with regard to their rights, she gave it the much deserved attention it required. This article points out why Eleanor was Self-reliant because she didn’t bend to the will of the public. She gave her opinions bluntly, not worrying what the country thought about her for becoming a champion to the African Americans. Eleanor also expressed her opinions through press conferences. This was unheard of prior to her. She broke the traditional First Lady mold by doing this. Because Eleanor became so adamant about expressing her thoughts, she inadvertently created a new standard for the generations of First Ladies to follow her. She created awareness for issues, such as civil rights, by relying solely on her own

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