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Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most controversial First Lady in United States History. Throughout her life she was very determined and courageous, Eleanor was a staunch activist in her fight for the civil and women's rights movements. Eleanor Roosevelt’s life was full of controversy and compromise; power and action. She was a devoted wife and mother, but between Eleanor and Franklin there was often conflict and confrontation because she was so determined to fight for her ideals. Franklin encourages his wife to “warm up” (Cook 5) to ideas that were not so popular and he would demand her silence on highly controversial political issues. However, he allowed her to stand up for her ideals assuming they did not compromise his political life. Eleanor made many friends throughout her life as a politician’s wife, all of whom helped in her personal endeavors. Eleanor believed in people working together for the greater good of their county. Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884 to Anna Hall Roosevelt and Elliot Roosevelt. She was born into a family of high society, lineage, and wealth, but ironically uncommon sadness. Eleanor was incredibly close to her father, but she encountered much disappointment in her young life as her father spent the majority of that time mourning the death of his mother. He was always fighting illness and often turned to alcohol for comfort. He was absent from much of Eleanor’s life because of his work and medical treatments. Also, he would often leave the family to go on personal trips, leaving Eleanor's mother, Anna to struggle with the absence of her husband and raising two young children. Consequently, Anna would eventually become increasingly disconsolate. Eleanor was always seeking her parents’ approval; that of her father was especially important as she often said it was her greatest wish. However, he was very annoyed

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