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Tetyana Maksymiv Mrs. Leone Tuesday, March 10, 2015 ENG 1D1 Eleanor and Park- Reader Response Before I started reading the novel, “Eleanor and Park” by Rainbow Rowell, I assumed that this book will just be a typical love story about two regular teenagers. As I got into the novel I immediately got hooked and realized that I made false judgement on this book. This book has taught me about the real struggles in life that some teenagers have to go through and has opened my eyes on my perception of the world around me. This book has inspired me to see love in the darkest situations, not to fear people’s judgement, and what has caused people to be the way they are. This novel tells a story of two teenagers Eleanor Douglas and Park Sheridan who are very different from each other. These characters fall in love through their mutual interests of comic books and audio tapes. However, these young teenagers face many complications throughout the novel such as bullying and domestic abuse. The story has connected with me and strengthened my realisation of no matter how hard life is love exists and it is strong and overpowering. This is shown when Eleanor tells Park why she likes him, "And you look like a protagonist." She was talking as fast as she could think. "You look like the person who wins in the end. You're so pretty, and so good. You have magic eyes," she whispered. "And you make me feel like a cannibal." "You're crazy." "I have to go." She leaned over so the receiver was close to the base. "Eleanor - wait," Park said. Shen could hear her dad in the kitchen and her heartbeat everywhere. "Eleanor - wait - I love you.” (Rowell 113-114) Eleanor and Park both share their true feelings about each other and it is clear their love is real and passionate. Reading this novel I have grown particularly fond of one character, Eleanor Douglas. I feel that this character

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