Eleanor and Park Essay

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In the book Eleanor and Park, Eleanor and Park meet each other on the school bus. At first Eleanor is nervous, and she doesn't know where to sit, since no one wanted her to sit by her, but soon Park let her sit by him. Park doesn’t want anything to do with her in the beginning, but soon realizes that there’s something special about Eleanor and soon develops feelings for her causing them both to change. Eleanor grew up in an abusive household, her step-father Richie might have done something to Eleanor that causes her to feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. She doesn’t like to show off, or try to be pretty. Tina often bullied Eleanor and might have put sticky notes on her locker, and put her gym clothes in the toilet, with her friends. Tina soon gets jealous of Eleanor and Park and acts like she likes her relating by both having abusive step-dad situation. Eleanor and Park secretly started seeing each other. She runs away after Richie found about Park. She was scared of reading Parks letters because she was scared to find out if he missed her or if he moved on. “Price of Love” Park always want to keep Eleanor safe and would fight for her. Park beats Richie, soon her mom leaves him with her children. Park told Eleanor that he loved her, but she was never emotionally ready or stable about her feeling due to her step-father. When she gets aways she finally starts healing, but she never reads Parks letters, because she is afraid that he might have moved on. She finally send him a postcard with 3 words on it which obviously was I love you, or as Park would say nothing ever ends. Eleanor changed because she finally had the courage to leave the abusive household and tell park she loved

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