Elderly Social Issues

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18November2014 Aging and Social Conflict Aging is the process of people growing older and all the changes that occur over the course of your life that can be understood through a social point of view. I have decided to explore the social-conflict approach society displays through aging, and the impact on society by relating the Frontline video clip we watched in class, “Living Old”. The social - conflict theory argues that individuals and groups, such as social classes within society have differing amounts of material and non-material resources such as wealth and poverty. As well as, it refers to various types of negative social interaction that may occur with social relationships and well being. For example rich vs. poor. I believe this has always been a social concern and is increasing due to successful research and modern improvements in medicine and healthcare. Resulting in elderly people living longer than before. Aging and social-conflict in this video emphasizes the involvement of the aging or older individuals in social activities and engagement in society due to their social status. As well as the ability to be able to take care of themselves in the elder years. I believe that individuals from more of an upper class tend to have better health and independence, which leads them to be more dependent than those of a lower class in their elder years. They typically have even better or greater access to healthcare, consistent access to food, medicine and housing, and can afford to have the help they need for daily tasks and well being of living. Even though a wealthier older person may not see any change in their lifestyle, but the general effects on their health. A lower income elderly has many more issues to face. The lower income elderly often has to do things for themselves or do without them. Furthermore, elder working class individuals
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