Elderly Patients Mistreated in Care Homes

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Elderly patients mistreated in care homes After investigating some of the mistreatment of elderly people in care homes from news articles on the internet mostly from the BBC there is significant evidence to suggest a lack of certain life quality factors in the care homes written about. The most startling being an elderly woman with Alzheimers and arthritis being physically abused and bullied. The article reported footage (caught on hidden cameras that her daughter had positioned) of the elderly lady (Maria Worroll) being slapped, manually rolled over and hauled into a bed when a hoist should have been used by her carers. The fact that more than one had assaulted her in this way implies that the care workers were conforming to inappropriate norms at the work place, resulting in Ms Worroll suffering considerably. This abuse probably left Ms Worrol stripped of her dignity, privacy, social support, any form of choice or autonomy and undoubtedly made the woman in question very scared and confused. The carers should have communicated more effectively with her and treated her with respect, without talking to the client the carers could not have possibly gained any trust and thus left Ms Worrol lacking any psychological security. Her daughter was the only one mentioned in the article that displayed any positive caring skills towards her as she had exercised good social observational qualities by noticing the bruises on Ms Worroll’s arms and legs and taking action. Elderly dementia and all other vulnerable clients in care homes should always be treated with respect and dignity. Other reports on mistreatment of elderly in care homes have a regular pattern to them; age discrimination, neglect and lack of approval (as well as lacking pretty much every single other basic psychological life quality factor). The news articles imply that thousands of elderly and vulnerable
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