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El Mexicano FUERTE! Throughout history Mexican’s have proven to be a strong and hardworking people. In the 1940’s when the United States jumped into World War II, there was a shortage of labor, no one to keep the country running. Mexico answered the United States cry for help, with the inception of the Bracero Program. The program brought hundreds of thousands of Mexican’s to the United States to work in back breaking jobs such as Railroad building and most popular, field workers. Soon after the war was over views towards the Mexican American’s who had rescued the United States, turned negative. They began to be treated as scum, there were several negative stereotypes used against them. In addition to the negative pressures coming from normal citizens, capitalist farm owners made it worse by giving them longer hours, lower wages, and bad working conditions. Tomas Rivera’s, ...Y no se lo trago la tierra, vividly depicts the adversity that migrant field workers and their families faced. Through the experiences of the narrator, a young Chicano boy, the reader is able to debunk false stereotypes and learn…show more content…
Overlooking the fact that the Mexican American’s helped the United States withstand World War II, they just saw aliens taking up American jobs. One of the stereotypes that were conjured up was that Mexican’s are lazy. Having grown up in a town with 90% of its population being Mexican I have learned that Mexican’s are anything but lazy. I could drive around town and all the beggars I would run into were not Latino. Regardless of how broke they are, they are looking for a way to make an honest dollar. Whether it’s selling flowers, stuffed animals, ice cream, or elotes they are always looking for a different way to make an honest dollar. The following scene from the novel is a clear example of what Mexican-American’s do to try and earn an honest

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