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Danny English 100/ 1 July 2014 In a quote Albert Einstein once said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Einstein’s message about the education system was clear to me; I believe everyone has the capabilities to obtain exceptional intellectually ability, creativity, or originality. Einstein’s argument about the education system and how it is made for a group and not the individual. I believe everyone has the ability to have creative and unique ideas, but the issue is we never learn how to facilitate creativity. In American education system we are slowly killing creative learning and restricting our knowledge. I can recall having my first music class when I was a younger in elementary school. During this time I found my passion for drumming in our music classroom, as a class we use to play musical shows for our parents. Playing an instrument in front of a group of parents taught me skills I couldn’t have learned elsewhere. How to think in creative ways a around sixth grade all the music programs stopped. This is devastating for me that was my favorite classroom and many future students will be missing out on something they could have excelled at. In modern academics our education system doesn’t cater the needs of the students. In education we aren’t focusing on the different learning approaches, expanding knowledge, but the big parts for example standardized tests. In California all schools are ranked, which makes no sense because educations is suppose to be about learning not trying to out rank each other. \. In my education experience as a student I’ve always had a certain learning criteria we were required to know. I believe this is a wrong way to approach education because we are all different people from different backgrounds. Einstein is especially

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