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Hello, My name is Albert Einstein. To begin with my life long story I will start off where I spent my youth, in Munich, where my family owned a small shop that manufactured electric machinery. I could not talk until the age of three, but even as a young boy I showed a brilliant curiosity about nature and an ability to understand difficult mathematical concepts. I also loved to play the violin. At the age of 12 I taught Euclidean geometry. When repeated business failure led my family to leave Germany for Milan, Italy, I Albert Einstein, who was then 15 years old, used the opportunity to withdraw from the school. Spending a year with my parents in Milan, it became clear that I would have to make my own way into the world. I ended up finishing secondary school in Arrau, Switzerland, and entered the Swiss National Polytechnic in Zurich. I did not enjoy the methods of instruction there. I often ditched classes and used the time to study physics on my own or to play my beloved violin. I know, I was a true nerd. I passed his examinations and graduated in 1900 by cheating of the notes of a classmate. My teachers, (or professors) did not think highly of me and would not recommend me for a university position. For two years I worked as a tutor and substitute teacher. In 1902 I secured a position as an examiner in the Swiss patent office in Bern. In 1903 I married Mileva Maric(1875-1948), who had been my classmate at the polytechnic. We had two sons but eventually divorced. I later remarried Early Scientific Publications. In 1905 I received my doctors degree from the University of Zurich. The same year I published four research papers. The first of these papers was on the qantum theory of light including an explanation of the photoelectric effect for which I was awarded the Nobel prize for 1921. The second paper was on a statistical paper on Brownian motion, a proof for the

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