Eight Types Of Energy And Kinetic Energy In Baseball

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Bryan Dubay March 24, 2008 Period B There are a lot of different energies. You can specify the energies as either kinetic, and or potential. Kinetic energy is anything that is moving. Potential energy is stored energy. An example of both potential and kinetic energy is a battery. A battery stores energy when it is not being used. A battery has kinetic energy when it powers an object. There are eight types of energy. Elastic energy is when a rubber band stretches and can return to its original form when it is not being stretched anymore. This energy is potential. Mechanical energy is the total of kinetic energy and potential energy. If you want to find the mechanical energy of something you have to…show more content…
First your brain sends a signal to your arm which is electric energy. Next you get ready to move your muscles and tendons in a throwing motion which is chemical and elastic energy. Finally you release the ball, throwing it, which is mechanical energy. Catching a baseball is another example of the use of different energies. First your brain sends a signal to move into position. This is electrical energy. Then your muscles react to the ball coming towards you which is chemical energy. After the ball hits into the leather glove it vibrates which is sound energy. Last you close your glove around the ball, clamping it tight into your glove. This is mechanical energy. Energy conversions are useful to baseball players because they would not be able to play the game. They would be able to move their arm, but that is all they would be able to do. In life, energy conversions are useful because without it you would not be able to walk or talk or write. Energy is not lost it moves into a different object. When you throw a baseball you are transferring your energy to the baseball. Energy is not created, something transfers the energy. When you catch a ball the energy is transferred to the glove which is then transferred to the

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