Egyptian Mummification Essay

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Many countries and peoples have adopted the practice of mummification into their religious beliefs, such as Rome and China, but Egypt was the first to practice it. There are three main points that will be discussed involving Egyptian mummification; the origins, processes and some famous sites and mummies. There are many myths about its origin even though the correct portrayal has yet to surface. The transition of steps included in the procedure also controversial yet more clearly understood. The mummification process took months to perform and was consisted of removing organs for preservation, filling the torso cavity with symbolic while purpose serving objects; sawdust, earth, molten resin, along with other items. Next they wrapped the deceased in linen and performed essential rituals while reciting prayers. The last step was placing the mummy into its final resting place, the tomb. Important rituals were performed on the day of the final burial. Many of these prayers being chanted are in tribute to the gods, specifically Osiris and Re, the “founders” of mummification’s birth. Osiris’ wife Isis was involved in the novel read in class, Daughters of Isis. The time of these mummifications was prior to 1500 AD. The belief of the afterlife to the Egyptians was sacred and was the driving force of such ceremonies of embalming and artificially prolonging the corpse’s existence. Kings and other peoples of high status of Egypt are believed to be the first to be mummified. At a later period, the privileges of the afterlife customs were welcome to everyone. Scientists and morticians today use volunteered cadavers to ditto the experience of the mummification operation for experimentation and research for a better understanding of the mysterious aspects of ancient Egyptian religious traditions. There are many myths and beliefs about where or why mummification actually
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