Egyptian Jewellery and It's Significance Essay

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A brief history of Egyptian jewellery and culture: Egyptians have been skilled in the making jewellery since the First Dynasty. The art of goldsmithing was truly mastered in the Middle Kingdom, during this time Egyptians refined their technical methods and accuracy which caused a surge in jewellery making. This surge was really seen in the era of the New Kingdom when jewellery manufacturing was at its highest because regular missions were being made to the Eastern Dessert and Nubia regions to collect materials making metals and stones more available for use in jewellery. The significance of Egyptian jewellery: Jewellery had both a religious and social or political meaning instead of just being worn as decorative pieces. Some pieces had magical signs or represented a god to ward off evil forces. Certain pieces of jewellery were kept solely for wearing during religious ceremonies of festivals. Jewellery was also buried with the dead as it was believed that the deceased needed it in their afterlife. The import of being buried with the right jewellery was so great that the Ancients Egyptians spent most of their lives collecting jewellery to e buried with. Jewellery also indicated your socail status in Ancient Egypt. Jewellery would bear the sign of your house or family, the more extravigant the piece the wealthier your house looked. Men would wear seal rings that was used as their signature when doing legal business. Wealthier men would wear gold rings with stones and intricate designs while men of a lower economic status would wear rings made of copper or silver with far simplier designs. Egyptians clothing and its influence of jewellery: Ancient Egyptians wore lighting clothing made of linen because of the warm climate all year round. Finer linen was worn by the wealthier families, some linen clothing was so fine that is was transparent. This was

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