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Egyptian Culture Essay

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  • on November 22, 2010
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Introduction : Basics of Egyptian Culture
Ancient Egyptian : Its importance in the forming the modern day culture
Believes and Values
Egyptian Culture
The Culture of Egypt is one of the most ancient cultures and has five
thousand years of history . It can be said that it is one of the richest
cultures of the world as ancient Egypt was among the earliest
civilizations . Egyptian culture is known to have a significant influence
on other cultures such as Europe , the Middle East and Africa . However ,
soon after the Pharaonic era , Egypt came under the influence of
Hellenism , then Christianity , and later , Arab and Islamic culture .
Modern Egypt continues to have the ancient Egypt 's culture including the
influence of modern Western culture , itself with roots in Ancient Egypt (Wikipedia n .pag , 2007 .
Ancient Egyptian
In the ancient Egyptian culture religion played a very important role .
In fact without the ancient Egyptian Religion , there would perhaps not
much reason for today 's increasing tourism . The great Pyramids of
Egypt 's are a major attraction . These huge structures would not exist ,
nor the fabulous temples , the tombs on the West Bank of Thebes and their
mummies , or the colorful decorations on these structures that have
attracted travelers to Egypt over the past three thousand years or more .
Behind every aspect of Egyptian life , as well as the art , and the
cultural accomplishments it is important to understand the religious
forces that formed the cultural aspects of ancient Egypt .
The spiritual or the religious world that was formed by the ancient
Egyptians was a richly fascinating one which remains unique in the
history of human religion . Although Egyptian religion was often covered
in layers of myth and ritual , it on the other hand permeated the ancient
civilization of the Nile and eventually shaped ,...

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