Egypt vs. China

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Two of the most prominent and wealthiest countries in history are the ancient Egyptians and the early civilizations of China and while comparing the two nations leaders, it would seem obvious that a pharaoh, as a god, would be more powerful than an emperor, to which the Chinese believed was appointed to be leader by the heavens. Under the Pharaoh in the social ladder would next come nobility, then priests, scribes, artisans, farmers, and at the very bottom of the social pyramid would be the slaves, who don’t have any rights. In China, though similar in some ways to the Egyptians arrangement of classes, have more branches such as under the emperor would be the nobles, who are extended family of the emperor’s or people he has favored. Then would it would be officials, farmers, artisans and metal workers, who were respected for their skills, but merchants would be last least in the social ladder because the people of China thought that they did not contribute for the good of the country but only looked for their own gain. After reviewing the social status I think that women in Egypt have more freedom than woman in China because in Egypt the women could own or sell property, they could file for a divorce, have rights to their inheritance, and pursue legal disputes in court, while in China they have to stay at home and sew or weave, but never have a say in anything. Egypt and China are two completely different regions, but like many other countries, they both have differences and similarities in government, social structure, their discoveries and inventions, geography, and religion, even if they are in different land masses. The government for the ancient Egyptian is that the pharaoh is the absolute monarch and has control over all lands and resources because he or she is one of the gods and you have to follow everything a god says or suffer death. Second in command
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