Egypt and Mesopotamia Essay

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AP World History 18 September 2012 Egypt and Mesopotamia Egypt and Mesopotamia were two great ancient civilizations that were similar in some ways, but also had many differences. Because of each civilizations relationship with the rivers they became powerful in the ancient world. Through, geography, religion and social structure, these ancient civilizations became two of the greatest civilizations of their time. The geography of Egypt and Mesopotamia probably played the biggest role in the people’s everyday lives. Both Egypt and Mesopotamian societies depended so heavily on their surroundings that they most likely would not have been able to survive without it. In Egypt, all life was based on the Nile River flooding each year, while in Mesopotamia they relied on the Tigris and the Euphrates River. Without the rivers neither civilization would have had a source of water or a place to grow their crops. On the other side of the similarities lie the differences. Egypt was much more protected by natural boundaries than Mesopotamia. Egypt had the Mediterranean to the north and the Red Sea to the east, so it would have taken an experienced navy to invade the Egyptians. Also, west of Egypt was all desert and it was almost impossible to navigate just like the Nile which was considered one of the most violent rivers in the world. In Mesopotamia there were not many natural barriers protecting them, so they were invaded many times, as remembered by when the Babylonians took power from the Samarians. Because of its geological advantages both Egypt’s and Mesopotamia’s religions came to life. In regard to religion there were many similarities, but they were different in their view of the gods. First of all they were both polytheistic. Both cultures built triumphant monuments so that the gods would rule in their favor. One difference is how they view their gods.

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